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Sparkly Pumpkin
Пенливка за вана

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I guess you think you know this story. 

You don't. The real one's much more foamy.

Mind you, Dahl got the first bit right, 

The bit where, in the dead of night, 

The Ugly Sisters, jewels and all, 

Departed for the Palace Ball, 

While darling little Cinderella 

Was locked up in a slimy cellar, 

She bellowed 'Help!' and 'Let me out! 

The Magic Fairy heard her shout. 

She answered "Cindy, keep your cool!

And I shall send you to ball!"

Cindy said, "Don't make me laugh,

I'd much prefer a steamy bath.

My sisters treat me like a pauper,

Then don't save me any water!"

Moved by Cinderella's troubles,

The Fairy conjured up some bubbles,

She filled the bathtub to the top

And Cindy soon forgot her strop.

"Wow," she shouted, "Gold and lime!"

A bath this good is worth my time,

And readers, it is worth yours too,

As (nearly) every word is true. 

12,25лв - 50% разпродажба!

6,12лв / 100g

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