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  • Ceridwen's Cauldron Бърз поглед

    Ceridwen's Cauldron

      Магьоснически казан с разкрасяващи билки и масла. Обаче трябва да плюете във водата или заклинанието няма да проработи! Това е бавно топящо се масло за вана. Напълнете ваната с идеално топла вода и го пуснете в нея. Магьосницата Ceridwen ще ви дари с всичките си блага. Вода с най-перфектните масла и вълшебни аромати, и малко вързопче с овес и билки, което можете да използвате върху кожата си като нежна кесия за къпане.

    В наличност

    15,50лв / 80g

  • Floating Island Бърз поглед

    Floating Island

    Relax and float away to your own sweet-scented dessert island, softening skin with organic shea butter and comforting vanilla. Travel to your happy place as labdanum resinoid warms and an undercurrent of sandalwood grounds. And, just like palm trees dotting island shores, a vanilla pod is planted on the top of each Floating Island.

    В наличност

    7,75лв / 20g

  • Mmmelting Marshmallow Moment Бърз поглед

    Mmmelting Marshmallow Moment

    Масло за вана

    For a sweet, sweet bath there is a sweet, sweet treat and in this sweet, sweet bath take a sweet, sweet seat. Let your troubles mmm...elt away, as skin is softened and soothed by shea butter, almond oil and calamine. And, if its bright yellow and pink sandwich of colours doesn't bring to mind dolly mixtures, its candy floss scent surely will.

    В наличност

    6,95лв / 20g

  • Plum Pudding Бърз поглед

    Plum Pudding

    Масло за вана

    When you get back from late night shopping and you're plum out of energy, get in the bath with this skin softening melt. The proof is in the pudding and with ingredients to soften and soothe you're in for more than just a sweet treat! Watch your winter woes melt away with whole oats and almond oil to hydrate and calm. The best puddings this Christmas are made with Fair Trade organic cocoa butter to moisturise and protect your skin. Lay back and relax with calming osmanthus absolute and petitgrain oil. It'll be a date to remember.

    В наличност

    14,95лв / бр.

  • Star Light Star Bright Бърз поглед

    Star Light Star Bright

    Масло за вана

    Make this the first star you see tonight and have all your wishes granted. Place into hot water and watch it dance across the surface spreading cheerful ginger and lime oils in its wake. Silky murumuru butter turns your bath into a dream for the skin and leaves you feeling soft and moisturised in the luxurious lavender coloured water. So make a wish and get in. This product melts in a warm bath so during hot spells it may start melting before it reaches your bathroom - You have been warmed!

    В наличност

    12,75лв / бр.

  • You've Been Mangoed Бърз поглед

    You've Been Mangoed

    Масло за вана

    Enjoy island living in temptingly tropical waters. Take a dip into this tropical lagoon and sail away to the island of your dreams. Brightening lemongrass, lime and lemon oils lift the mood, while avocado mango and cocoa butters work in tandem to refresh, soften and moisturise your skin.

    В наличност

    6,95лв / 20g