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  • Cherryish Бърз поглед


    Ексфолиращо масло за тяло

    Romeo and Juliet, they never felt this way I bet, but they didn't have this chocolate and cherry delight to keep things smoothed over. Cherish skin with a moisturising scrub of Fair Trade organic cocoa butter and fine sea salt. As you stroke this mouth-watering handful over wet skin, a second helping of ground cherry stones help to get the blood flowing. With warm and uplifting cocoa absolute and a touch of sweet almond essential oil, you'll be asking for more, more, more!

    В наличност

    22,90лв / 100g

  • Heart of Enlightened Expectation Бърз поглед

    Heart of Enlightened Expectation

    Пенливка с масло за вана

    Don't go breakin' my heart, crumble and melt it instead. With ylang ylang and bergamot oils to brighten moods, treat someone (or yourself) to something extra special. Whether you're expecting a proposal, a romantic evening or even just some peace and quiet, start it off with a hot bubble bath that softens skin with Fair Trade organic cocoa butter. Heady geranium, jasmine and rose create a floral fantasy in the bath that soothes and calms allowing you to step out with confidence.

    В наличност

    12,90лв / 100g

  • Love Boat Бърз поглед

    Love Boat

    Бомбичка за вана

    Whether you're testing the waters of a new relation-ship, or it's a bit rocky, why not push the boat out with a trip on the Love Boat? With a cargo of bright organic sweet orange and Sicilian lemon oils, this bath bomb is about to set sail and it's all aboard! Place into hot water for a bath that really floats your boat. As it chugs around, let it's zesty and uplifting scent take you down the river for the ride of your life.

    В наличност

    11,90лв / 160g

  • Love Box Бърз поглед

    Love Box

    Подаръчен комплект

    Съдържа: Гол душ крем Tender Is The Night 120 g Масажно блокче Melt My Heart Ексфолиянт за устни The Kiss Масло/ексфолиант за тяло Cherryish

    В наличност

    71,90лв / 400g

  • Tender Is The Night (гол душ крем) Бърз поглед

    Tender Is The Night (гол душ крем)

    Looking for that lovestruck glow? Fall head over heels for this sultry shower cream. Grab the one you love the most, bare all and dare to go naked this Valentine's Day! Ditching the plastic has never felt so good. Allow yourself to be seduced by jasmine flower infusion and heady ylang ylang, whilst your skin is softened by sensationally rich murumuru and Fair Trade shea butters... Remember, sharing showers saves water, so you can afford to take your time and give each other a good once over while you're in there! Naked shower gels are double the concentrate of liquid shower gels so you can lather up and go for twice as long.

    В наличност

    35,90лв / 240g

  • The Kiss Lip Gloss Бърз поглед

    The Kiss Lip Gloss

    Гланц за устни

    Целувките са толкова по-сладки когато са обогатени със справедливо търгувано масло от ший, произведено от женския кооператив Ojoba в Гана. Това меко, хидратиращо масло ще подхрани кожата на устните ви, а маслата от пъпеш и органична жожоба ще им придадат екзотична нотка. Органичното масло от илипе и сиропът от агаве ще им добавят приятно заглаждане и апетитен блесък. Кой би могъл да устои?

    В наличност

    17,90лв / 5g

  • The Kiss Lip Scrub Бърз поглед

    The Kiss Lip Scrub

    Ексфолиант за устни

    Тази изглаждаща смес от фина морска сол, ситно гранулирана захар и справедливо търгувано какаово масло ще омекоти кожата на устните ви и ще остави сладък вкус върху тях. Бадемовото и мандариновото масло в нея подслаждат, а ядливите сърчица са изцяло за ваша наслада. Запазете всичко това за себе си или го споделите с вашата любима половинка.

    В наличност

    14,90лв / 25g

  • Tunnel of Love Бърз поглед

    Tunnel of Love


    Take a trip through the tunnel of love and embark on a journey that you will not forget! Grab a slice of this bright citrus soap and reveal your heart to your special someone. Soothing rose water keeps you calm and collected as kaolin gently cleanses. Don't let the stony exterior fool you, inside it's a real softie. Zesty lime and sweet wild orange oils lift moods while soothing olibanum leaves a lasting impression. So grab someone special this Valentine's day and invite them to lather up! 

    В наличност

    12,90лв / 100g

  • Unicorn Horn Бърз поглед

    Unicorn Horn

    Пенливка за вана

    Unicorns are probably real. But, even if they're not (don't worry they definitely are) you won't mind! Relaxing lavender oil meets mood-brightening neroli in this lustre-filled bar. Neroli oil increases serotonin levels in the brain which makes us feel contented and cheery, so you can ponder the existence of magical creatures while building a fairytale landscape of feel-good, fragrant bubbles.

    В наличност

    12,90лв / 100g